Our company, Epinutrics AB:

EpiNutrics AB (Sweden) was estabilshed on a philosophy shared by our Norwegian, Swedish and Danish founders. We have seen that modern science can improve the effect of natural supplements. Our company has used modern technology to make some really amazing, outstanding products. Our founders wish to share our recently developed natural products with people who care about the quality of the ingredients we put into our bodies.


Please write an email to: info@epinutrics.com
stating your subject or the name of the person you wish to contact in either country, and we will process your inquiry as soon as possible.
We are a manufacturing company and we do not have support for end users / consumers.
If you have individual questions, please consult your therapist or other qualified health personel.

Head office:
Epinutrics AB
Storgatan 2
673 32 Charlottenberg