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FUCOID natural Fucoidan
no preservative additives

FUCOID natural fucoidan bladderwrack

Short description:
Natural Fucoidan, no preservative additives.

Fuciod is made from Norwegian bladderwrack seaweed and targets people who want to lose weight. Unfortunately, it is a fact that 95% of people who follows a diet will regain the loss of kilos after the treatment has ended. Fucoid is a long term alternative for those who want to lose weight and maintain this weight loss over time. You can find more than 900 studies on PubMed that shows all the great health benefits from using Fucoid (fucoidan).

What does Fucoid do for the body ?
Fucoid helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and craving, which can contribute to a leaner body and healthier lifestyle through weight reduction. Through our biotechnology the active ingredients in the seaweed has become far more potent and effective than before.

Many people who struggle with weight issues deals with an excessive intake of calories. The body has been taught that it needs a larger intake of food than it really does, which will result in a weight gain over time. Hunger does not always mean that your body needs nourishment.
Fucoid from seaweed contains 66 nutrients, which by being registered in the brain, can contribute to increased feeling of satiety.
Increased feeling of satiety will help the body to adapt a proper energy level and consumption.

FUCOID supplements:

60 capsules. Net weight: 15 g.
Recommended daily dosage:
2 capsules


Ingredients per recommended daily dosage:
Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus): 800mg
Medis pilzextrakt/epiB: 4mg

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
Recommended dosage should not be exceeded.
Keep out of range for children.
Store in a dry place, in closed container.

Marketed in Denmark by Bioforce Danmark AS

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Other countries: Epinutrics AB Sweden

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