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pure organic recipe
no preservative additives

SULFORAPHANE natural Sulforaphane

Short description:
Natural sulforaphane, pure organic recipe, no preservative additives.
Sulforaphane consists of broccoli 80% (broccoliextract and broccoli sprouts) and tomato (lycopene) and is a natural source for i.a. vitamin C, calsium and iron.

Broccoli Sprouts - sulforaphane - lycopene
Derived from broccoli sprouts which are crushed before the extraction. Rich in vitamins A, C, K, E and folic acid. In addition they are a good source of minerals iron, calcium and potassium, and contains a wide variety of antioxidants (carotenoid, flavonoids, chlorophyll and glucosinolates. Our Sulforaphane has added lycopene, which gives a symbiotic effect (increased effect) and even better absorbtion in the body.

Read more in 377 studies on sulforarphane published in i.e. Pubmed. If you are unable to get your daily amounts of broccoli and tomatoes ( 2 capsules of sulforaphane corresponds to 800 grams of broccoli), we recommend to take a diatory supplement to prevent against a variety of diagnoses. Sulforaphane combined with Lycopene provides a significant synergistic effect that axelerates the effect. Our products are manufactured using a unique and patented biotechnology that provides an increased bioavailability / quick and effective action. Broccoli is superfood for your body's immune system and tomatoes are chock full of Lycopene. Broccoli has nearly twice as much vitamin C as oranges and also has a lot of calsium and iron. Iron supplies the body with oxygen.

SULFORAPHANE supplements:

60 capsules. Net weight: 15 g.
Recommended daily dosage:
2 capsules


Ingredients per recommended daily dosage:
Brocolli (Brassica oleraces):  640mg
Lycopene: 160mg
Medis pilzextrackt/epiB: 4mg

Vegetable capsules
No preservative additives

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
Recommended dosage should not be exceeded.
Keep out of range for children.
Store in a dry place, in closed container.

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